imageGLUM TO GLAM Mum’s incredible weight loss shedding half her body weight in just 10 months WITHOUT ever exercising By Gemma Mullin, Digital Health Reporter 10 Jun 2019, 9:55 Updated: 10 Jun 2019, 10:58 A MUM shed half her body weight in just 10 months – without doing any exercise.
Teresa Venetoulis went from 16st to a svelte 8st 5lbs after switching to a keto diet . 14 Teresa Venetoulis went from 16st to a svelte 8st 5lbs in just 10 months after switching to a keto diet Credit: @teresarosevenet/instagram 14 Teresa took the picture on the left when she dropped to 13st before getting to her lowest weight on the right at 8st 5lb Credit: @teresarosevenet/instagram
The 33-year-old ditched her carb heavy diet of pizza, pasta and bread for a high protein, high fat diet to lose an incredible seven stone in ten months without hitting the gym.
The stay-at-home mum’s weight started to spiral out of control after she gave birth to her son nine years ago.
At her heaviest she wore size 22 clothes and struggled to shed the pounds due to problems with her hormones, caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
Speaking about her incredible weight loss last year, Teresa, from Sydney, Australia, said: “I’d never been overweight before and have always been naturally slim. 14 At her heaviest Teresa was 16 stone and wore size 22 clothes Credit: Caters News Agency 14 Teresa would eat a lot of pizza, pasta and bread before she started her diet Credit: Caters News Agency
“But after giving birth to my son, my hormones went into overdrive, which made me pile on the weight really quickly.

“This then worsened my PCOS which made it harder to lose weight.

Within a year, I’d piled on 7st I felt like crap.
“I tried all the diets out there, went to the gym and ran every day, but it was no use – nothing worked.

I kept putting on weight.
“After I was pregnant with my daughter I reached 16st, and nothing I did helped budge the weight. 14 Now Teresa is a slender size 8 after shedding 7st Credit: Caters News Agency 14 Teresa lost her weight following the ketogenic diet Credit: Caters News Agency 14 Teresa ditched her high carb diet for a high fat, high protein diet Credit: Caters News Agency
“I would lose 4lb, but then gain 11lb. It was so frustrating.”
After years of battling to lose weight, Teresa’s doctor suggested she try the ketogenic diet to help manage her weight after the birth of her son, Liam, in 2009.
Then, in 2010, Teresa and her mortgage broker husband John Venetoulis, 38, faced a devastating miscarriage and her weight spiralled even more.

Following her daughter Faith’s birth in August 2015, Teresa tipped the scales at 16st and knew something needed to be done. 14 Teresa claims the only exercise she does is housework and walking her kids to school Credit: Caters News Agency 14 Teresa, with John, after she shed half her body weight in ten months Credit: Caters News Agency 14 Comparing the difference in her face after 18 months on the keto diet, Teresa says her three-year-old daughter didn’t recognise her Credit: @teresarosevenet/instagram
She went “full keto” in June 2017, cutting out all carbs in favour of high protein, high fat foods such as oily fish, lean meat, nuts, avocados and eggs.

She was “astounded” when she lost 2st 3lb in the first two months after seven years of trying every diet she could think of to lose weight.
“I’d never heard of the ketogenic diet before, so spent a month researching before I decided to give it a go,” she said.

“In the first two months, I lost 2st. I was astounded. Nothing had ever worked before. 14 Theresa was amazed with how the ketogenic diet worked for her Credit: Caters News Agency 14 Teresa, pictured with her husband John, began having problems with her weight after the birth of her two children Credit: Caters News Agency
“I just kept going with it, and the weight just melted off.

“It’s always drilled into us to go low fat or fat free, but our body needs good, healthy fats.
“It’s the best diet I’ve ever tried. Now it’s a lifestyle choice.”
Former gym goer Teresa claims the only exercise she does is housework and walking her children to school.

BEFORE Breakfast: two cheese toasted sandwiches Snack: fruit and a biscuit Lunch: pasta or pizza Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognaise, lasagne or a roast dinner
AFTER Breakfast at 11am: eggs with avocado, spinach, mushrooms and bacon Late lunch/dinner at 2pm: grilled chicken or baked fish with lots of vegetables or salad Occassional treat: low-carb Keto cake
She also intermittently fasts, meaning she eats all her calories for the day in just two large meals at 11am and 2pm.
“I’ll have breakfast at around 11am, and then I’ll eat again at 2pm,” she explained.

“Then I’ll fast until the next morning. It was hard at first, but your body just gets used to it.
“I still feed my kids their three meals and snacks a day as usual.
“The meals are large, and I’m getting all the calories I need without constantly snacking.
“I feel fantastic now that I’ve lost all the weight. 14 Teresa has since decided to gain a stone because she felt she was ‘too skinny’ Credit: @teresarosevenet/instagram 14 She managed to lose the weight without doing any exercise Credit: @teresarosevenet/instagram
“It wasn’t just about slimming down, but it was about being healthy and the best mum I could be.

“Now I can run around after my kids easily. I’m less moody, and I have so much more energy.
“I have so much confidence and I’ve never felt better.”
Teresa continues to post images of her weight loss on Instagram to inspire others.

In a recent post, she explained that she decided to purposely gain a stone after feeling a little “too skinny”. MORE ON WEIGHT LOSS Does apple cider vinegar REALLY boost weight loss? We asked the experts.

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She said: “At one stage I tweaked my macros slightly as I thought I was a little ‘skinny’.
“I lost my shape and looked very straight so I gained some weight slowly,on purpose.”I’ve now gained 6-7kilos and feel so much better.” Australian teen shed an incredible ten stone in 12 months thanks to Instagram posts from strangers
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