imageThis comment is hidden. Click here to view. My partner and I are not well off but we manage to buy a week’s worth of fresh fruit and veg for under twenty pounds (UK money) from the local supermarket. Usually a bag of carrots, potatoes, onions, broccoli, leeks, cabbage and a few tins of beans at 35p each. That makes 2 portions (sometimes three) of stir-fry and soup with bread as a side. On good weeks we add mince to make a savoury meat meal that also stretches to 3 meals (for 2 people).

We never eat junk food but make an effort to cook fresh and healthy food every night. It can be done with a bit of planning and effort. 🙂 -12 reply Zenozenobee 13 hours ago
It’s not necessarly a question of money. There was a moment in my life, my mother was a single mother (my father died) she had to find an underpaid job (she had no qualification) with a lot of overtime to keep our boat floating. I never eat so much junk food in my life. Not because of money, but because when my widow mother had work her 10 hours a day, having to deal with her mourning, her kids, our sorrow, our homeworks, the chores, the paperworks, you’ll understand that she wasn’t really in the mood for cooking.

It’s not only a tax on poor people, it’s also a tax on single parents who work a lot and working women with a partner not involve in chores. 10 10 points Foxxy 13 hours ago (edited)
That’s not a weeks worth, you just said enough for 2 -3 meals for 2 people.

The average household has 4 people. My kids go through $15-$20 worth of apples a week. Then us about $5 in bananas, $2 in carrots, $4 in grapes, $3 strawberries, $4.50 for frozen mango, $2 tinned pineapple, $14 potatoes etc.

Instead let’s go the junk food way. In a week I can buy 2-3 bags of frozen chips and powdered potato for $8, multi packs of chips and biscuits for under $10, a jar of pasta sauce for about $1.

80 (high in sugar and salt) and a packet of dry pasta for $1. That is much cheaper than the healthier options. 7 7 points Yael 4 hours ago
Foxxy. Bananas are 50 cents per pound and apples approximately $1 per pound.

You’re telling me that your family eats 10 pounds of bananas and 20 pounds of apples per week? , Everyone here is giving excuse after excuse as to why they can’t eat healthier.

At the end of the day, it’s your body and your (long term) health. You’ve gotta want it enough that you’re willing to put in an effort. If you’re content with eating a poor diet then really, no one can stop you.

Your kids don’t have that same luxury. At the very least you should be making an effort to teach your children about maintaining a healthy lifestyle (even if you’re not prepared to model one) and you should be providing them with the right tools to succeed. Anything less is a disservice to your children. -1.

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